Spiritual Enlightenment Activities


Psychic/Medium Readings

I work with my angels and guides within the 'White Light.' I always ask for the White Light of Love for your highest good to surround you, eliminating the possibility of any negative energies attempting to confuse or discourage either of us during a session. The energies I work with are from the Divine/God for the one receiving the reading. Before every session, I clear each client’s chakras and auric field.

Being Prepared

Have a paper and pencil handy to take notes. Be relaxed and calm. The information received during a Reading is to assist a person in their life choices in order to achieve all that God wants for them. Outcomes change based on the free will of all parties concerned and their life path. An individual's free will is never compromised. Regarding legal, health, or financial matters, please always consult professionals if you need specific, definitive academic answers.


Matrix Energetix

This is a gentle 2-point technique that gently releases past traumas from the emotional/pain body. Dr. Richard Bartlett developed this healing modality, which is a form of quantum physics whereby through gentle light touch and the power of focused intent, the energy builds into a new and joy-filled state that can affect life changes.

When I utilized this form of energy healing, my angels and guides tweaked the way in which I apply it which is why I call it "matrix energetix" with an X, as my application is completely different. During a Matrix Energetix session, I request assistance from a client's own healing angels/guides in conjunction with my own to direct which years in their lives need to be released from past impact, then assisting a person to move forward in a more healed status in present time.

The results from this energy shift can be quite transformational and healing. The application of the Matrix reestablishes the flow of biological information so that the body can then better respond to a consciousness shift of health and well being. Matrix/ Reading combination is where I bring through messages from a client's angels/ guides/ loved ones past/ pets during a Matrix Healing Session.

I record these messages and ages released, in this session, on paper to reflect back upon later. The client then receives this information to take with them for further reflection.


Usui Reiki was founded by Dr. Usui lbsiikao in Japan. Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) comes from two Japanese words, Rei and Ki. Rei is the meaning for the "universal" and refers to the spiritual dimension. Ki refers to the vital life force" which flows through every living thing. Reiki is therefore universal life-force energy which is its own intelligence and will automatically go where the body needs it.

In practice, Reiki is a hands-on healing discipline based on amplifying and channeling chi-universal life force energy through the practitioner to the client. A Reiki treatment is a wonderful way in which to achieve deep relaxation as well as relief from emotional stress and pain.


Akashic Record Reading

This session provides an opportunity to align with your soul and to better understand and release past/present patterns in order to unleash your highest potential now. This is a specific Reading to clarify a situation that continues to repeat itself with regard to a particular person or event. This is not a Reading to just peek into past lives. In this Reading, I must have the client's full birth name as well as their name most currently used.

I would also need the full birth name of the person with whom the client would like more clarification about from past life into this current one now. Permission, on my part, must be given by the Record Keeper from the Hall of Records, who keeps, records, and protects all records of our past lives.